How to use social networks in the real estate sector?

As in any business on the Internet, the real estate sector has its own network of strategies to be noticed on the network. Among all of them, the use of social networks for real estate is one of the most effective methods to reach a large number of people. A basic pillar that should not be missing in your marketing campaign if you want to introduce your real estate in the digital world.

The importance of social networks for real estate companies

Social networks have meant an evolution in the way in which people communicate and look for information of our interest. On average, 30% of the time a person spends surfing the Internet is spent on social networks and relies heavily on comments made by other users about services and products offered by a company. Even more so than in its web content.

For this reason, real estate agencies are increasing their presence in social networks in search of improving their profitability, increasing their business opportunities and their permanence in the sector.

The important thing is that you get to be present in the minds of potential customers and transmit security and trust, two fundamental aspects in real estate management. Social networks will help you humanize your agency and show your values, what you have achieved and how you have achieved it.

What are the main objectives of social networks in the real estate sector?

The main objective of social networks in the real estate sector:

  • Obtain a new form of communication with the client. Through social networks you will be able to know first hand the opinion that people have about your products, know their acceptance and if they would make changes to improve them, even before launching them on the market. And also, a way to serve your customers directly.
  • A support for the brand. Networks are a powerful tool to promote a product, service or website. Thanks to them you can reinforce the reputation of your agency, generate credibility and transmit confidence that helps you create a loyal audience.
  • One more resource to sell. Every real estate agency seeks to have the greatest number of ways to offer its services and products. These means are an excellent way to show what you can offer and attract customers through direct marketing.

What content should you offer in your real estate profiles?

In the different profiles of your real estate agency you should not focus exclusively on showing your portfolio of properties, even if your ultimate goal is to sell. If you only publish housing ads, the people who visit your profile will get tired and stop visiting it.

To avoid this escape of visitors it is very important to create a marketing content for real estate that offers varied information: advertisements of your properties, interesting information on areas or neighborhoods where you sell or rent housing, information on the economic situation of the sector in the country, tips for finding the ideal housing, relevant industry news or practical guides on the different types of mortgages.

In essence, we can divide them into three types of content:

  • Real estate. Publications on the properties you have with a striking and clear text, attractive images and a file of the property.
  • Own content. Entries written by your own agency that are of interest to the sector (mortgages, rentals, economic news, guides, recommendations, etc.).
  • Content from other sources. Choose a series of news that you can share in your social networks from other sources, always making clear where they come from or who has written them.

Advantages of having social networks in the real estate sector

The use of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram in real estate will offer you multiple benefits.

Benefits capable of boosting your agency in different areas:

  • They are great channels of business and communication.
  • They offer low-cost advertising.
  • They allow to interact with the client.
  • They are an excellent source of information to know what users are looking for.
  • They make it possible to offer customer service.
  • They are a fluid means of communication between professionals.
  • They allow for online conferences and forums.
  • They help to build customer loyalty.

Some examples of social networks in real estate

  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.

The use of social networks for real estate can be very beneficial if you offer valuable content that generates customer trust.

Doyle L. Scott

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