Sale of Real Estate

Being a professional in the sale of real estate implies preparation and perseverance, as well as personal skills and tools that facilitate you to adapt to the change that this new era represents. The challenge can be greater when you work as a freelancer accompany you in your career as a real estate agent.

Gold Secrets for the Sale of Real Estate

Among the secrets kept by real estate sales experts around the world, we have a concentration of traditional and digital marketing practices. It is necessary to bring both modalities together to achieve success in this real estate market.

  • Get ready before you go to the ring

Although it is true that a large part of the success in the sale of real estate is in the passion of the seller, this is not enough when there is a lack of knowledge and preparation in the sector.

In addition, it is not enough to have an undergraduate degree in a career related to the real estate market (business administration, international business, economics…); it is also necessary to continue cultivating knowledge to keep up to date.

One way to do this is to be active in seminars, forums, webinars, blogs and all the media, both digital and face-to-face, that exist today to keep you up to date.

Some of the areas in which a real estate agent should prepare are: legal, tax, economic, consumer trends, interior design trends, architecture, competition and others involved in the activity of selling and renting real estate.

  • Specialize in the sector

Achieving full knowledge of the real estate market involves constant field work and research. Therefore, one way to cover it is to focus on a specific sector.

For example, specialize in the properties of a locality, a socio-economic level, or types of private property such as rural, urban, residential, or commercial.

In this way, you can concentrate your efforts on a single specific sector and more quickly become that authority on the subject that buyers are looking for in the real estate sector.

  • A website positioned

Without a doubt, one way to gain visibility and authority in the real estate market is to have a professional and search engine optimized website.

This should include a responsive design to be seen from any mobile device, own domain and a SEO positioning strategy that allows search engines to find you within the first search results.

You know! the trend is to search the internet for information and references about the professional profile or the provider company and its services or products, before the purchase decision. That’s why you have to have a presence with your website.

  • Apply networking to expand networks of contacts

Networking is the most digital version of public relations. You can apply it by joining guild groups or similar, present in social networks such as LinkedIn and platforms specializing in real estate sales. This with the aim of expanding your network of professional contacts.

These spaces for the exchange of knowledge and contacts, can be taken to digital and face-to-face planes equally. To this end, invitations to events, face-to-face and virtual meetings, forums and other activities are organised or disseminated, both locally and internationally.

You know that the future buyer of your list of properties can be an investor resident in the country or abroad, so networking is a resource that works very well to increase your sales and customers in the real estate sector.

  • Social networks as allies

It is important to delve deeper into the subject of social networks, beyond those specialized for professional profiles and the real estate guild. Currently, the use of leisure social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, is widespread in Latin America. It is becoming easier and easier to initiate purchase interactions through them.

Therefore, having a professional and well-managed profile in these networks, plus publications that include videos and stories about your portfolio of real estate and services, will be an excellent strategy.

  • Video marketing and photography

Keep in mind that audiovisual content or video marketing, according to experts, is a trend that by 2020 will attract more than 80% of web traffic, and with it, will be key to establishing contacts and sales prospects.

Therefore, within your publications, messages and website content, it is necessary to include professional and high quality photographs and videos. In this business, perhaps more than in others, everything enters through the eyes!….

  • Without underestimating traditional marketing media

Now, with the advent of the digital age we don’t have to discard conventional means to manage your brand, and real estate products.
Continuing to deliver physical business cards and making follow-up calls to your clients (companies or individuals) are strategies that have accompanied real estate agents for generations and do not have to be relegated.

In fact, by incorporating traditional marketing strategies into your management, you would be applying the omnicanal sale, so necessary for business success in different guilds.

  • Beware of face-to-face management: it is still just as important

Taking care of the product you offer and dealing face to face with your client, is as important as the implementation of strategies for the promotion and sale of houses and properties. Therefore, don’t forget those key secrets so that the property you exhibit awakens the desire for possession in your clients.

Some of these are:

  • Cleanliness and order in the building.
  • Fair pricing.
  • The scent of the place also counts as part of the memorable experience in the visit.
  • Visual aids such as landscaping and trendy decoration.
  • Interpersonal skills for assertive dealing with all types of client (active listening, empathy, analysis of client profile…)
  • Business skills and sales techniques, such as demonstrating benefits, closing types, handling objections and creative discourse.
  • Real Estate Software

Today you find software suppliers with a track record and multinational presence, which make it easier to digitally manage your professional profile and transactions for the sale of real estate and other real estate products.

They work both for independent real estate agents and for companies of different sizes and scope in the market.

  • Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing has its digital representation with platforms that facilitate the promotion and transactions between companies or real estate professionals, with their potential customers.

The sale of real estate is a business that requires personal preparation and adaptation to consumer trends. This facilitates conventional and digital marketing strategies, such as the use of social networks, networking, an optimized website, multichannel sales, and software and platforms designed to optimize transactions, negotiations and promotion of real estate goods and services.

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