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Probably, if you are involved in real estate negotiation you know that the demand of the sector goes beyond the real estate sale, right?

The competition of the real estate business

The real estate market today has a voracious competition with globalization and the digitization of companies. It is almost inconceivable to be a professional or real estate company without presence on the web and use of technological tools (apps, platforms, software).

It is even common to see how through social networks and platforms is made the sale and rental of properties, being this a mass channel and “friendly” for most.

The trend is such that the main actors in the field of real estate have realized that, by integrating technology and the use of the Internet in the management of the business, it facilitates and shortens the time in transactions locally and internationally, from anywhere in the world.

Added to this is the challenge faced by companies and professionals in Latin America, with the expansion of large real estate firms from Europe and the United States. They arrive with franchises in the region and compete with a wide portfolio of products and services that, in addition, enjoys an international reputation.

On the other hand, there is the opportunity represented by the rise in the dollar for foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin American countries. This is because they find attractive the quality of houses that they can acquire for use in buying and selling, for an advantageous price with the exchange rate.

Undoubtedly, globalization and the trend of consumption towards technology and digitization is equivalent to a high supply of real estate goods and services, resulting in aggressive competition. In turn, these trends are an opportunity for real estate agents prepared and able to give an added value to differentiate and meet these challenges in the industry.

Real estate services you should offer

To obtain this differentiation and stand out from your competitors, it is not only necessary to offer attractive, quality real estate with the demands of the new era (sustainable, with intelligent designs…). In addition to this, you must deliver a portfolio of services that today need investors or potential customers in real estate.

Successful real estate service agent

Among these services that will give you the plus to compete and take advantage of market opportunities, are the purchase and sale and rental of properties, assignment of goods, personalized advice on goods and management of the commercial transaction.

Sale and purchase of properties

In the real estate market there are potential clients for both the purchase and sale of real estate. That is why, in order to increase your success in this activity, you could supply other types of needs different from the sale of real estate, with the sale and purchase service.

This activity could be carried out directly with natural persons who own the property or with real estate companies that sell you the real estate that your clients need, on which you can obtain some profitability in the buying and selling activity.

To make these transactions easier and more dynamic, today there are web portals that serve as platforms for negotiation and administration of products and customers (owners, independent real estate agents or real estate companies).

Real estate agent administers your real estate services management on a digital platform

With these technological solutions it is easier to have a vision of the products you have, the ones offered by the market, the profile of your customers and their buying and selling needs.

Property rentals

Combining the sale and rental of properties will increase your reach in the sector. You’ll see, according to a report published by Spanish CNN, in Latin America 1 out of every 5 households rents their home.

This high number of rents is due to economic reasons, a labor market that requires constant displacement of residence, and the need to reside in specific populations where renting is more affordable than buying.

In addition to these special situations that encourage real estate rental, you find that some of the potential clients of this service are:

  • College students who need a temporary, strategic housing location.
  • Families or residents who need a specific location and are unable or unwilling to invest in the purchase of the property.
  • Single people who do not see the need to invest in a property.
  • People who travel constantly and who do not see it profitable to invest in the purchase of a home.
  • Companies or entrepreneurs that do not have capital for investment in premises and other types of real estate for their activity.
  • Companies or entrepreneurs who need to make a pilot plan with their location before deciding to buy a certain property. This is the case of international franchises or businesses with different points of sale in a region.

Assignment of property

Real estate resulting from a transfer of property is an attraction for many buyers looking for a good price on used property. This scenario occurs when the debtor or owner of the property must return his property to the creditor for insolvency or inability to pay.

Clearly, before including this service you have to update yourself on the legal figure of the transfer of assets, make the study of the creditor and verify that the property documents of the property are within the legal framework and up to date for successful negotiations.

Real Estate Counseling

Now, in all these services that we mention to you there is one that is fundamental. This is real estate counseling. You will see, especially in this guild, clients look for expert agents that will generate confidence in them to make their investment.

The significant sums invested in real estate services, as well as the importance they have for the activity of individuals and companies, requires professional advice.

Some key points to provide a good real estate advisory service are:

  • Training and constant updating in legal, juridical, tributary and economic framework in the commercialization of real estate.
  • Knowledge of the geographic sector in which you work.
  • Personal and commercial skills to deal with different types of clients.
  • Use of technological tools that optimize management and provide a better customer experience, such as a website, CRM and platforms for real estate marketing.

Accompaniment in the management of the transaction

Now, the part of the legal and monetary management in the transaction of the property, is one of the most sensitive in the process of buying, selling and renting real estate. For this reason, it is essential that you provide the accompaniment so that both parties are satisfied and obtain the best experience.

Keep in mind that there are always clients who are willing to pay for your service so as not to take risks with their investment.

The real estate market has challenges and opportunities arising from globalization and digital and technological consumer trends, which makes imminent need to include services to help you become more competitive and meet consumer demand in the sector.

In order to achieve success, it is necessary to add a differentiating factor such as that which you deliver with a portfolio of real estate services that includes, in addition to the sale, purchase and sale, rent, assignment of goods, personalized advice and accompaniment in the management of transactions.

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