Frequent property investment question: what is Penang property price and rental?


The property price and rental information had in the Property Market Record 2008 from JPPH Ministry of Finance Malaysia which the data offered by state was based on actual 2008 purchases done works as a guide to these questions despite the fact that some of the residential properties rate as well as leasing could have currently increased now 2009. I listed sample data with top 10 purchases (Penang Island) in the record below.Apartment-N-Park s/s:24 140-177k (+4.4% compared to 2007)- Ratu Mutiara s/s: 20 228-398 k (-7.6%)- Sunny Ville s/s:20 170-270k (+7.8%)- Putra place s/s:200 -260 k (+8.0%)- Desa Permata s/s:17 115-130k (stable)- E-Park s/s:15 180-245k (-1.2%)- Suite Emas s/s:15 198-250k (4.4%)- Taman Desa Relau II s/s:15 130-150k (+3.5%)- Desa Eco-friendly s/s:14 98-134k (2.3%)- Pearl Yard s/s:13 218-285k (+2.8%) Dual floor terrace costs range-Taman Sunway Bayan s/s:11 480-582k (11.4%)- Taman Tunas Damai s/s:9 515-545k (ND)- Island Glades s/s:8 435-600k (+11.8%)- Island Park s/s:7 468-550k (+13.9%)- Taman Sri Nibong s/s:6 550-600k (+13.3%)- Taman Desa Ara s/s:5 405-500k (+18.6%) Based upon example over, landed dual storey appreciated a dual number (> 10%) while apartment or condo appreaciated in solitary digit. Large sample dimension data happened in Bayan Baru areas.Sample of Penang Island Apartment rental information:- Desa Permata 420-450RM (stable)- E-Park 950-1200RM (secure)- Ratu Mutiara 1500-1600 (secure)- Sunny Ville 1000-1200 (stable)- Putra Location 1000 (+5.3%).

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