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If you are looking for a new home, what do you do? You go online and enter what you want into a search engine. New technologies propose another way to buy real estate and with it arises the need to create digital real estate businesses.

In fact, the new property technology are emerging, companies that apply technology and innovation in the real estate sector to transform the different market players: buyers, sellers, investors, real estate companies, builders and owners.

The demands of the digital world drive more real estate companies to have an online presence and rely on digital strategies to take the business to another level. Why?

These are the changes and benefits of digital real estate business as opposed to the traditional model:

  • Scope

The digital model has great potential thanks to the expansion of information and communication technologies. It reaches more customers through several channels: website, social networks, text messages, email, smartphones.

On the other hand, the traditional model is limited to reach different audiences in different parts of the world using only traditional channels: advertisements in the press, advertisements, telephone calls, TV.

  • Multiple sales channels

Omnicanality is a key factor for managing sales in digital real estate businesses and being in all channels with a 360° strategy. Coverage that in traditional models and channels is limited and prevents the creation of online and offline strategies with measurable, realistic and scalable objectives.

  • Brand positioning

A digital real estate has greater brand exposure and promotion of the company’s reputation through a website for real estate and digital marketing strategies, which translates into increased sales. Traditional real estate companies face little knowledge of their clients, little visibility to attract new prospects and low brand recognition.

  • Saving time and money

It is advantageous for digital real estate businesses by:

  • Work without a large investment in offices and sales rooms. You can rent a coworking space for your meetings.
  • You have the possibility to automate processes through a real estate software.
  • Avoid the trips to the properties thanks to the multimedia content (videos, photos, renders). Very useful for clients in other latitudes.
  • It reduces the time of sale of a property on the part of the real estate agents, thanks to the personalized pursuit that allows the technologies to do real estate business.

It is negative for traditional real estate businesses as they require large investment in physical facilities, have high operational costs and mobility is limited (especially in large cities). Increasing the term of sale of a property without the support of digital strategies.

  • Client and property management

The digital real estate business opens the door to detailed knowledge of your company, of the ideal buyers.

How to improve the relationship with the customer through proper management of the activities of the agents:

  • Keep track of calls
  • Send an email
  • Schedule meetings
  • Keeping an inventory of real estate
  • Full control from real estate CRM
  • It also gives you access to important statistical data for decision making.

For real estate companies with little or no digital presence, handheld data processing requires more time investment and affects performance. They are losing the ability to link data to a contact more efficiently and to have a broad view of property sales and rental operations in the real estate sector.

  • Access to the real estate sector

For those who work in real estate businesses in the digital age or in the traditional way, it is vital to join the guild as an independent real estate agent and generate a culture of professionals in the sector. This allows real estate agents to do business in a network, with clear rules and greater confidence.

  • Real Estate Network and MLS

Large real estate businesses develop digitally over a network. The real estate network connects you to a large community of real estate groups, properties, real estate companies and agents for alliances and business in other cities, regions and countries.

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